What are your rates? 

Every case is unique, and the facts of circumstances of your situation require personal attention.  When considering expenses, it is important to distinguish between attorney fees and costs.  Attorney's Fees is the fee charged for the attorney to work on your case.  Simply put, the attorney's time.  Costs represent every other cost associated with your case besides the attorney's fee.  The Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. bills attorney's fees at a rate of $300.00 per hour.  However, not all cases are billed on an hourly basis.  The unique facts and circumstances or your legal matter will determine the appropriate, reasonable fee/payment structure. 

Does your office accept credit cards?

Yes, the Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. accepts credit cards.  All credit card payments are processed by Lawpay.com which accepts most major credit cards.

What are Costs?
Costs common to most cases include filing fees (determined by the Clerk of Court), service of process fees, copies, postage, etc.  The Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. charges a minimum cost upon retention to cover the costs associated with the case.  The unique facts and circumstances or your legal matter will determine the appropriate minimum cost. 

Do you work on Contingency?

It is crucial to note that attorney's are prohibited from working on both criminal defense and family law matters on a contingency basis.  Thus, no work in those areas may be considered on a contingency basis.  However, the Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. does offer flat fee retainer agreements for both family law and criminal defense.  Additionally, where allowed, the Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. will consider contingency agreements on a case by case basis. 

Do you offer Flat Fee representation? 

Yes.  While many attorney's shun the idea of flat fee representation, The Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L.is proud to offer flat fee agreements on a case by case basis, limitations and restrictions do apply.  What is and is not covered in a flat fee agreement will be discussed in detail, prior to retention.  Flat fee representation allows our clients to better budget their legal expense, prior to retaining an attorney.

Do you offer evening and weekend appointments? 

Yes, by appointment. 


What is No-Fault? And what does a No-fault divorce mean? 

Florida is No Fault divorce state, meaning that one side alone can seek a divorce and the Court will not rule that either party is responsible for the divorce.  The most common legal basis to obtain a dissolution of marriage from a Florida Court is the testimony of one spouse that the marriage is irretrievably broken and no matter of counseling can save it; and that the party seeking the divorce has been a resident of Florida for the proceeding six months.  

What is a "contested" versus an "uncontested" family law matter? 

Contested is where the parties do not agree on how to resolve their legal dispute.  Unfortunately, family law disputes are often emotionally charged matters where the parties feelings interfere with their decision making.  Often times the party who has decided to move on or change the relationship has already overcome the emotional hurdle; whereas the other side is still coming to terms with the situation.   However, things often change over time.  Thus, just because the parties disagree today, does not mean that a settlement is impossible in the future.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of family law cases settle before trial.  When is it advisable to settle?  When is it advisable to resolve the dispute by trial?  The facts and circumstances of your situation are unique; as will be the recommendation(s) of the attorney, only after having discussed  and ascertained the facts your situation.  The experience, counsel and advise of the attorney is what you are acquiring when your retain an attorney. 

Uncontested is when the parties agree on how to resolve their issues, but one side or the other may require legal assistance in court or have questions they want addressed before resolution.  A "second opinion" is usually a good idea.  Just because an offer seems reasonable, is it?  Moreover, the other side does not have to know you've consulted an attorney. 

What is time sharing and/or parenting time? 

Florida no longer uses the term custody.  Instead, the Florida Legislature has created the term "time sharing" to reflect a Parent's time with the minor child(ren).  This is also sometimes referred to a parenting time. 

What is a parenting plan?

The parenting plan is the agreement between the parties as to how/when/where each parent will enjoy time sharing with the minor child(ren).  Additionally, the parenting plan should address the responsibilities of each parent.  A parenting plan can stem from either the agreement of the parties, or by order of the Court.  An agreement of the parties, if acceptable to the Court, will be adopted and ratified by the Court.  In effect, the agreement becomes the order of the Court.  Hence,  failure to abide by a parenting plan ordered by the Court can lead to sanctions, including contempt of court.

Can a parenting plan be changed or modified? 

Yes, as long as the party seeking change retains their parental rights.  Parenting plans can be changed, regardless of whether there was a trial or agreement.  The burden is on the party seeking to modify the parenting plan.  First, The party seeking to modify the parenting plan must show that a substantial, material and unforeseen change in circumstances has occurred AND it is in the best interest of the minor child(ren) to modify the parenting plan.  Whose life hasn't changed in the past few years?  Put differently, a substantial change in circumstances can be economic, social, physical, or emotional - but the key is to understand that this not an easy burden.  Attempts to modify a parenting plan are often met with an initial response of a motion to dismiss.  This is why it is important to consult an experience, knowledgable family law attorney before attempting a modification. 

Can Child Support be waived? 

No, child support is mandatory.  An experienced family law attorney can assist their client in understanding how child support is calculatedthe basis of the child support guidelines worksheet; and how and when to seek a modification of the child support. 

What should you do if you no longer can afford to pay the Child Support you've been ordered to pay? 

Seek the advice of an attorney immediately so you may avoid violating the Court's order.  If a substantial change in circumstances has occurred, the petitioning the Court to Modify the child support obligation is likely to be recommended.  

What can be done if the other parent stops paying child support? 

The facts and circumstances of your situation will vary, and so will the proper course.  Sometimes a warning letter from an attorney will resolve the problems.  Alternatively, seeking relief from the court via a contempt proceeding will oftentimes motivate payment.   Discussion of your situation with the attorney is the recommended first step toward addressing the problem. 


First Rule: DO NOT MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE.  All persons charged or under investigation for the commission of  a crime have a right to remain silent - use it!  

Second Rule: DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CASE WITH ANYONE BUT AN ATTORNEY.  Discussions with an attorney are protected by attorney-client privilege. Discussions with friends and family are not privileged.   

Third Rule: DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CASE OVER THE JAIL PHONES.  The conversations are recorded and can and will be used against a criminal defendant. 

Fourth Rule: THE SOONER YOU SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY, THE BETTER.   Call (727) 738-2874 or email the attorney at Seth@MazirowLaw.com today to schedule your free initial consultation.  

Call 727 738-2874 to set an Initial Consultation

Call 727 738-2874 to set Initial Consultation

Call 727 738-2874 to set an Initial Consultation

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