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W. Seth Mazirow, Esq. 

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Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense - Divorce Lawyer - Traffic Tickets

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Call 727 738-2874 

Attorney at Law

Criminal defense - Divorce Lawyer - Traffic Tickets

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L.

As a former prosecutor for Pinellas/Pasco County, attorney at law W. Seth Mazirow has experience where it counts - in court.   Contact the office if you need legal aid. 

W. Seth Mazirow is an attorney at law, divorce lawyer and criminal defense lawyer.  He can help with family law court, criminal charges or traffic court.  

Clients need straight forward, legal aid and honest advice.   That is his approach to the practice of law as a divorce lawyer, criminal defense attorney, traffic defense lawyer and attorney at law.   

Divorce Attorney

Family law court? Consult a family law lawyer and attorney at law. Not all divorce lawyers are the same.  Some divorce attorneys charge to talk to you. Contact attorney at law W. Seth Mazirow to schedule a free consultation.  

Divorce, child support, custody, visitation or a modification; or criminal arrest or traffic citation?  He can help you.   He wants to be your attorney at law.   

​​Consult an experienced divorce lawyer and attorney at law, versed in criminal defense, family law court.  Seeking legal aid? Seek legal advice and counsel on the legal process, your rights and options for divorce, arrest, traffic citation, injunction or child custody or child support issue. 

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The Law Office of

W. Seth Mazirow, P.L.  

Criminal defense, family law court, child support calculator, child custody, divorce or traffic citation - each situation is unique.  Contact the attorney at law and meet him to discuss your legal problem, legal aid and your legal options.  

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Testimonials and Reviews

Why should you contact the office of W. Seth Mazirow, P.L. to schedule a consultation to address your divorce, child support, criminal charge or traffic ticket?  Clients who sought legal aid from the attorney at law as a divorce lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, or traffic ticket defense. Contact the office today to set an appointment with the attorney at law. 

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